Application Code Updates

Get the best support for upgrading application.
Application Management

Maintain your applications effectively.
Business Application Deployment

Use your business applications.
Customer Application Setup

Set up a seamless application for customer requests.
Client Server Application

Establish a robust communication network with your customers.
MS Office 365 Deployment

We work with your IT team to provide you with advice and support.


Our clients trust us for reliable applications.

Let us provide you with seamless web and mobile apps.

Application Code Updates

Our experts will provide you with an updated version of your applications.

Application Management

We enable application data management to improve customer service and business competitiveness.

Business Application Deployment

Manage your business application software with ease with the expertise of our IT team.

Customer Application Setup

We provide you with top-of-the-line customer service applications, tailored to your customers’ needs.

Client Server Application

A smooth service request procedure is imperative for customer satisfaction. Let us establish a straightforward client-server model for you.

MS Office 365 Deployment

We have the tools and resources to help you deploy Microsoft Office 365.

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Alexis OysterAlexis Oyster
18:35 27 Oct 22
I had a wonderful first experience with Apples and Oranges! They were so friendly and helpful. The Apple Store told me they couldn’t help me with my computer repair because I have an older model. But the Apples to Oranges team was able to help me, it was super quick (I was in and out within 2 hours), and affordable. My computer is completely fixed! Highly recommend!!!
Brett FInleyBrett FInley
23:56 11 Oct 22
My husband is an IT guy at MI, and he sent me to Apples and Oranges for some help with my personal MacBook Air. It needed a new battery. These guys were great - clear about what was needed (luckily they had a battery). I left the computer there for an hour, and came back and it was all done. They were lovely AND efficient! I highly recommend them!
Luiza Duarte CaetanoLuiza Duarte Caetano
18:09 13 Jul 22
Seth and Amir were very efficient and friendly. They replaced a flawed wire on my laptop screen this month and I only had to leave the machine there for a few hours at a time. Price was fair and communication was great! Highly recommend! :)
21:20 07 Jun 22
Had the BEST experience with Apples & Oranges. My tablet/computer mysteriously decided to brick itself one day, and I had years of art on the machine. It was unusually unresponsive, and couldn't recognize the fact it had an OS-- but A&O were able to get all my data off of it! Communication was frequent and quick, and the turnaround time was awesome. I'll be coming back if I have another tech issue!

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