Network Managed Services – A Definitive

Network Managed Services – A Definitive

Consistent connectivity is the cornerstone of keeping business operations running smoothly. Since a major chunk of business processes—including communication, research, and customer service—happen online, network-managed services are a requirement rather than an option.

Why get an expert to manage IT solutions for networking?

Customers seek business support online. Suppliers and distributors send information online. There needs to be an active link between users within an organization or across branches to maintain collaboration. All of this is possible when you have a stable network that allows you to transmit and receive data seamlessly.

Quality, preferably customized, IT solutions are necessary for any organization adopting the internet of things (IoT). Managing a network without proper support, without understanding factors such as bandwidth and security controls, is a considerable risk to the organization’s integrity, reputation, and productivity.

Network managed services – What does it entail?

Network management experts monitor and control your organization’s information technology. While you can have an in-house team managing the computer control panel, you can also outsource this operation to a third-party IT team. They have the resources to effectively provide:

  • User access management
  • Upgrades and repairs
  • Monthly status reports
  • Better network performance
  • Risk management, security measures

What are the benefits of network managed services?

With organized network management, you can improve operations. Additionally, you can monitor performance well; there are a ton of applications available that enable you to get real-time results and accurate reports to manage systems.

A professional IT team is has an arsenal of tools to not only monitor but also fix a problem with the network as it comes. IT experts also have a better grasp of network security, such as managing user permissions and outside access.

Therefore, you can keep your data and applications secure and run things without interruptions. Also, you reduce network issues and related downtime and keep all devices connected and working properly.

Need network managed services?

We can give you all the perks stated above. Reach out to Apples and Oranges today to optimize your network with our managed services!


Alexis OysterAlexis Oyster
18:35 27 Oct 22
I had a wonderful first experience with Apples and Oranges! They were so friendly and helpful. The Apple Store told me they couldn’t help me with my computer repair because I have an older model. But the Apples to Oranges team was able to help me, it was super quick (I was in and out within 2 hours), and affordable. My computer is completely fixed! Highly recommend!!!
Brett FInleyBrett FInley
23:56 11 Oct 22
My husband is an IT guy at MI, and he sent me to Apples and Oranges for some help with my personal MacBook Air. It needed a new battery. These guys were great - clear about what was needed (luckily they had a battery). I left the computer there for an hour, and came back and it was all done. They were lovely AND efficient! I highly recommend them!
Luiza Duarte CaetanoLuiza Duarte Caetano
18:09 13 Jul 22
Seth and Amir were very efficient and friendly. They replaced a flawed wire on my laptop screen this month and I only had to leave the machine there for a few hours at a time. Price was fair and communication was great! Highly recommend! :)
21:20 07 Jun 22
Had the BEST experience with Apples & Oranges. My tablet/computer mysteriously decided to brick itself one day, and I had years of art on the machine. It was unusually unresponsive, and couldn't recognize the fact it had an OS-- but A&O were able to get all my data off of it! Communication was frequent and quick, and the turnaround time was awesome. I'll be coming back if I have another tech issue!

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